6.5 Club

Valley Bike School is proud of its uniqueness. One of the many ways in which we are unique is the 6.5 Club.

If you have passed your test with us then you are already aware of how good our training is and how friendly we are.

Here is your chance to get more from your riding by joining our Facebook forum "Friends of Valley Bike School".


 A lovely Sunday ride out with lovely people


 Another use for the helmets - hovercraft racing


The "Usual Suspects" in the Lake District


 The infamous "tat" shelf, now "tat" shelves

 Whilst there are lots of forums out there, this one is specifically for you... a rider who has passed their motorbike test with us and who wants to communicate with other like-minded people. I use the word "communicate" because this is not just a computer based contact forum. Members of the group have formed their own riding club (The 6.5 Club) and meet every Sunday, have a brew and a natter, then set off on their ride for the day. As they are fond of saying: "What could possibly go wrong?" Hmmmmm?

Road to Gisburn

Gary takes in the view

With the group there is no pressure to take part in anything but in the last 12 months they have been to Wales for a weekend, paint-balling, 10-pin bowling, and even endured an afternoon of extreme water sports. Whatever your age or whatever you ride, you are very welcome to join. Don't have a bike yet? We can hire 125cc bikes (if available).

dont jump

Members of the 6.5 Club about to take the plunge

Want to join? (And it's free) Send a text to 07740-195921 or e-mail via our Contacts page. 


Strike !


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