Please read our terms and conditions before undergoing any training with us

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in these terms and conditions. We believe that they pass the test of reasonableness. They are there to protect both you and us.

By booking any tuition or training it is deemed that you have fully read and accepted our terms and conditions.


1. Valley Bike School and its instructors are authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), to deliver Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and pre-test training.

2. Training and testing at Valley Bike School is subject to the terms and conditions herein and in any publicity material or correspondence as issued by Valley Bike School.

3. You must produce a valid UK driving licence with provisional entitlement for motorcycles and a suitable form of identification (current passport) if you have an old style licence.

4. You must have no more than 8 penalty points on your licence within the last 3 years.

5. You must not have been disqualified from driving during the last 3 years.

6. If you have completed your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) elsewhere, you must produce a current certificate before you undergo any further training with Valley Bike School.

7. If you are using your own machine, you must produce a valid certificate of insurance that covers your use of that vehicle on a road and current MOT certificate, if required.

8. The term "working day", as used in any section below, does not include weekends, public or bank holidays.

9. The student is responsible for any fines and endorsements as a result of any road traffic offence committed by them.

10. To be issued with a CBT certificate, the student must demonstrate that they are safe to be allowed out on the road on their own. Any student who does not achieve the required standard on CBT day will be re-assessed at a later date at a cost of £60.


1. If you fail to produce any of the required documents for a CBT course then training cannot commence. No refund of deposit will be issued.

2. If you fail to produce the required documentation to the DSA examiner on your practical test, you will have the test terminated by the DSA and the test fee will be lost. The DSA will not refund a test fee for any reason whatsoever once a test has been named, even serious medical conditions.


1. At Valley Bike School, we will do everything within our power to ensure the safety of our trainees but, obviously, riding a motorcycle or scooter (includes moped) carries some risk to the rider. The student must understand these risks and agree to undergo training at their own free will.

2. The student accepts responsibility for their own actions during the training and any possible injury caused to them during their training.

3. Any student that sustains injury during their training will have their training stopped and medical attention will be sought, if needed. Valley Bike School recommends that medical attention is sought in all cases and that injuries are checked by a medical practitioner. However, if the student is happy to continue the training it will be at their own discretion.

4. Valley Bike School reserves the right to terminate training in the event of any student riding in a dangerous or negligent manner. This includes on public highways and private property. Any student misusing Valley Bike School vehicles or equipment will have his/her training terminated. No refund will be issued.


1. Full payment will be required on booking for a Taster Session.

2. Full paymentt will be required when booking a CBT course.

3.Full payment will be required for the 1st lesson by any student who has not previously trained with Valley Bike School.

4. All payments are non-refundable.

5. Payment can be made to Valley Bike School by either Bank Transfer/ Debit/Credit card or cash. Cheques are no longer taken.

6. Valley Bike School reserves the right to cancel, amend or re-arrange the date and time of training, giving reasonable notice where possible.


1. Full payment is required on booking a Direct Access (DAS) course or a Restricted Access course. Students opting for a Valley Bike School DAS or Restricted Access course understand that a course price is usually discounted from the normal daily rate for training.

2. The whole course must be booked in it's entirety to obtain the package course rate - otherwise the normal daily rate applies.

3. No refunds will be given for any Courses that are not completed, for whatever reason.


1. A1, A2 (Restricted) and Direct Access licenses are gained through a two-part practical test (Module One and Module Two.) It is a requirement of the DVSA that Module One is passed before Module Two is attempted.

2. If Module One is failed, three clear working days are required before a further Module One attempt.

3. If Module Two is failed, ten clear working days are required before a further Module Two attempt.

4. Valley Bike School recommends that the Module 1 test and the Module 2 test are separated by 5 working days, If, however, the student requires for personal reasons that the Module 1 and Module 2 be booked either on the same day or within 5 days of each the student understands that if the Module 1 test is not passed, the fee for the Module 2 test will be lost to the DVSA and any other subsequent tests will be charged at the standard DSA test rate.

5. If the student requires further training for a re-test of either Module One or Module Two, usual training fees apply.

6. If a test is cancelled by the DVSA because of adverse weather, having been taken to the Test Centre, half the session fee will be charged.

7. If a test is cancelled by the DVSA because of Industrial Action or an inability on the part of the DSA to conduct the test, the student will be charged the full session fee which will be claimed back from the DVSA.


Students cancelling CBT courses will forfeit their deposit.

Practical tests booked via Valley Bike School must be cancelled with no less than 7 clear working days notice. Students cancelling practical tests with 7 clear working days, will be liable for the full test fee. Valley Bike School will endeavour to reallocate the test or move the test on to a future date; however, if this cannot be achieved then the full test fee will be forfeit. If a further test is required by the student an additional test fee is applicable. Test fees are set by the DVSA.

Any lessons cancelled within 48 hours of their scheduled start time will incur half of the cost of the session fee.


1. Vehicles are motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.

2. Kit includes: Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Boots, Over-trousers, Waterproofs, training tabards and radio equipment.

3. All Valley Bike School students are covered by the Valley Bike School 3rd Party Insurance only.

4. Personal accident insurance is NOT included. You may wish to consult your own insurance broker for this.

5. Like all Insurance policies, Valley Bike School's has an excess to pay in the event of a 3rd Party claim. Currently £250.

6. Accident damage to Valley Bike School vehicles will be charged. The cost of the damage will be assessed by the relevant motorcycle dealership or minor damage by our in house mechanic and the cost of said damage plus any labour costs will be expected within 7 working days of notification. The current maximum charge for damage to our vehicles is £500, or the cost of the relevant part, e.g., brake lever £15.

7. Any repair and/or damage rectification to Valley Bike School vehicles will be completed by the in house qualified motorcycle mechanic or any other relevant motorcycle dealership as determined by Valley Bike School.

8. The motorcycle repairs will be carried out by said dealer or for very minor damage the Valley Bike School Mechanic. No labour charges will be incurred if the damage is minor and can be dealt with in house.

9. If damage is caused to a helmet then the full cost of the helmet will be required by the student on the day the damage took place. The current maximum charge for a helmet is £50.

10. If damage is caused to any other piece of kit by the student during training the cost of repair or replacement will be assessed and the student will be required to pay within 7 days of the damage taking place.

11. The full cost of replacements will be required for the loss of keys, by students

12. Quotes for damage to Valley Bike School vehicles / kit must be paid for by the customer/student within 7 days of receiving the quote. Parts ordered for damaged vehicles must be ordered by Valley Bike School from authorised and known suppliers only. Valley Bike School will not accept parts ordered by the customer/student from unknown sources.

13. The student will be liable for the full cost of damage to the motorcycle they have been on, to a maximum of £500. The cost of the damage will be assessed by our in house mechanic or the relevant motorcycle dealership and the cost of the damage, including any labour costs will be expected within 7 working days of notification.

14. Any delay of payment will result in immediate legal action. Valley Bike School reserves the right to claim for loss of earnings if the vehicle is rendered off road, damages and/or any related legal costs.


1. If an accident occurs involving a 3rd Party claim, the Insurance excess (currently £250) will be required to be paid within 7 days. Any delay of payment will result in legal action. Valley Bike School reserves the right to claim for loss of earnings if the vehicle is rendered off road, damages and/or any related legal costs.


1. Any student using his/her own motorcycle for training must ensure that the vehicle complies with all legal requirements in existence at the time of training and/or testing.

2. Vehicle road tax must be valid and displayed, L plates must be displayed front and rear, and vehicle tyres must be within the legal limits.

3. The maintenance and reliability of the student's vehicle shall be the student's sole responsibility.

4. Students turning up for training on un-roadworthy vehicles have the option to use one of the Valley Bike School vehicles (if available) the additional lesson fee will be charged at that time, if a vehicle is not available and the lesson has to be cancelled then Valley Bike School will charge half the session fee as a late notice cancellation.


1. Full disclosure must be made by the student, at the time of booking, if he/she knows of any drug/medical/medication condition (prescription or otherwise) that could impair his/her riding ability. Failure to disclose any issues that become apparent to Valley Bike School Instructors will result in the termination of the training. No refund will be issued.


1. Students using Valley Bike School vehicles are responsible for the vehicle they are using on the day.

2. The vehicle keys are the responsibility of the student using the vehicle. Any key that is lost or damaged by the student will result in the student being invoiced for a new lock set for the vehicle.

3. Valley Bike School will endeavour to match students with suitable vehicles for all motorcycle courses but in the event that Valley Bike School is unable to do so, for reasons beyond their control, a substitute vehicle will be made available.

4. Valley Bike School vehicles are all thoroughly maintained and serviced, however, in the event of a mechanical breakdown Valley Bike School will endeavour to provide a substitute vehicle. Valley Bike School is not responsible for any mechanical breakdown of its vehicles.

5. Students are NOT permitted to sit on, touch or ride any Valley Bike School vehicle without the direct permission of a Valley Bike School Instructor. Students are only permitted to use a Valley Bike School vehicle in the presence of an Instructor. Students sitting on, touching or riding a vehicle without the Instructor being present are using the vehicle without Valley Bike School permission. In this instance all training will be terminated immediately. No refund will be offered.


1. Valley Bike School will provide the use of necessary safety equipment, free of charge, for those students that require it. All safety equipment is regularly checked to ensure it meets required health and safety requirements. Students that require safety equipment will look after all equipment provided and return each item used at the end of each training day.

2. In the event that any equipment is damaged, either by deliberate act or accident, the student will reimburse Valley Bike School the cost to replace the damaged item.

3. Valley Bikes School has sufficient motorcycle safety helmets and clothing in a variety of sizes to suit most head and body sizes. Should a student not find a safety helmet or clothing at Valley Bike School to fit, then the student will have to provide his/her own safety helmet and clothing.


Valley Bike School does not have any height restrictions for any of its motorcycle courses. However, if a student turns up for training and is unable to safely control any class of motorcycle then Valley Bike School reserves the right to determine a safer option.


On the first day of training you will be expected to read a number plate from the legally required distance of 20.5m. If vision aids are required to successfully complete the eyesight test, these vision aids must be worn when riding our vehicles. Failure to clearly read the pass the eyesight test will result in the immediate termination of the student's training.


Arriving for training under the influence of alcohol will result in the immediate cancellation of the entire training day. No refund will be given for the days training lost.


Training and testing (as arranged with and conducted by the DSA) to be at the time, date and place specified. All arrangements with the DSA are subject to the terms and conditions of that body over which Valley Bike School has no control.


Valley Bike School will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards any member of staff, DSA employee, or any other Valley Bike School student. Any student behaving in an abusive or disruptive manner will have their training immediately terminated. They will be asked to leave the premises immediately and any incident may be reported to the police. No refund will be given for any remaining training.


Gift Vouchers issued by Valley Bike School are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. The gift vouchers must be presented upon commencement of the training. Valley Bike School gift vouchers have a monetary value of £0.01 pence and cannot be exchanged or sold to a third party. No refunds for purchased gift vouchers will be given at any time. The purchaser of the gift voucher is responsible for ensuring the gift voucher recipient has all the necessary documentation required to undertake motorcycle training.


All personal property is left on site at the students own risk. Valuables and other items can be locked away in the instructors' office / safe on request.


Valley Bike School reserves the right and at it's discretion to refund the course fee in full instead of providing training and/or testing.

Valley Bike School reserves the right to vary or change these terms and conditions without prior notice. Each student, on booking, will be asked to read and agree to our current terms and conditions.

Valley Bike School reserves the right to vary or change all training course prices without prior notice.

Valley Bike School reserves the right to determine riding standards in all respects as criteria for submitting students for testing. Such criteria to be in accordance with regulations and guidance as issued by the DSA.

Valley Bike School terms and conditions will change in response to market forces. We reserve the right to make any changes necessary to continue to operate effectively in the market place without giving prior notice. Please contact our office if you have any questions about our terms and conditions. 01706-214266 / 07740-195921


All information passed to Valley Bike School will be treated as confidential. As such no information will be shared with any other company or organisation. Certain information that may be seen to be relevant for future liaison with customers may be kept on record. Valley Bike School may then use this information to distribute marketing material. If you do not wish your details be kept on any kind of record please make this known to Chief Instructor. Private information will be disposed of once no longer of use. All data held meets the requirements set down in the Data Protection Act.





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