Direct Access

Direct Access (You must pass a theory test, or it must still be current if taken previously)

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Take a practical test on a bigger bike. We use Kawasaki Versys and ER6's, Honda NC750 and Yamaha XJ6's. Currently, the bike must be capable of delivering 53.6 brake horse power. This route is known as Direct Access and is only available to people over 24 years of age, or anyone else who has held an "A2" licence for at least two years. Once you pass the "Big Bike" test you can ride any motorbike from day 1.

The Practical Test is the same as for the A1 and A2 Licence but to take advantage of the Direct Access option, you must take lessons with an approved Instructor and be in radio contact. Currently, we have seven Direct Access Instructors, three of whom are trained to Advanced level with the police.

The Direct Access motorcycle training route does not have to be intensive. The best route is the safest route for you. Some people prefer to do their motorbike training on an intensive basis whereas others prefer to take their motorbike lessons on a more ad hoc basis. The bottom line is, "it's your motorcycle test, take sufficient training to help you pass it."

There MAY be cahnges to the way motorcycle tests are conducted once the full effect of BREXIT kicks in but, for the time being, the above represents the route. 

Remember, passing your motorbike test is a 40 minute experience, riding safely is for life and at Valley Bike School, safety comes first.

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