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Our Roads

More photos taken by our former student, Debbie Marshall

  ian student
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 tom student  
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Our Instructors

Bob Kenyon

Instructors Bob

  Bob Cadwell 04

Bob Kenyon

"A homegrown product"


Bob in his element

"Cadwell Park"

A product of Valley Bike School training, Bob has been riding for more than 13 years now and has been an Instructor with us for more than 8 years.

Michelle Vaiders

 Instructors Michelle

Michelle enjoying Rudesheim 

Married to Joe, Michelle has been riding motobikes for over 25 years ("But she doesn't look that old" I hear you say!) She started with a CB100N and has had all kinds of bikes since, including a CBR400RRJ, Laverda Montjuic, Moto Guzzi Le Mans and a Honda Hornet 600. She is currently riding the BMW F650GS. Michelle has been instructing since 2004 and is fully committed to safer riding. When not instructing, she runs the VBS Office.

Instructors Michelle F650GS   Michelle Jake Berry

Michelle with her F650GS


Michelle the Diplomat

Seen here with local MP Jake Berry


Tom Collinge

Instructors Tom 01


Instructors Tom

Tom in "passport photo" mode


An "air-borne" Tom

Another product of Valley Bike School, Tom was identified as a potential Instructor even before he had passed his Motorcycle test. He has been riding and racing offroad for over 20 years now, and on the road for more than 7 years. Offroad motorcycling tends to be a reasonably safe way to develop good bike handling skills, balance, and control. This usually means people from an offroad background find physically riding a road bike quite straightforward, but have often picked up the odd bad habit along the way when it comes to passing a motorcycle test. When not training or riding offroad he will usually be found watching some form of motorsport, from MotoGP to Formula 1. He also likes to go to motorcycle rallies with friends in summer, which means plenty of good riding, camping, and getting rained on. Tom has had 12 bikes over the years, all of them Hondas, and would not ride anything else. Currently riding a CRF250R offroad, a Hornet 600 on the road, and loving every minute.


Ian Glover

Instructors Ian

Ian with his "Bulldog"

Another product of Valley Bike School, Ian has recently retired from the Police. He has recently joined the ranks of our Direct Access Instructors.


Oly Chalker


Oly is yet another product of Valley Bike School training. He passed his Bike test with us in 2001 and has not looked back.

Since then he has had the full range of bikes and has completed several advanced training courses. He is a trained I.A.M observer and takes pupils up to I.A.M test standard.He is a very experienced rider who has toured europe extensively, providing advanced training to tour participants. It was a natural progression that he returned in 2012 to VBS as an instructor.

Stuart Nelson

Stuart founded Valley Bike School when he retired from the Police in 1999. He has now moved to Wales where he runs a Guest House and enjoys riding some of the best roads in the UK.

Jack Atherton

Our Jack   Jack Lou

Jack with his R1200RT


Jack n Lou in Germany

Jack Uli   Santa Jack
Jack and Uli (German Police)   Jack helps out Santa

No story of Valley Bike School would be complete without "Our Jack". Joe and Jack worked together as young Policemen and when Jack retired, Joe persuaded him to take up biking. Jack never looked back and toured Ireland and mainland Europe a number of times.

Many who have trained with Valley Bike School in the past will have fond memories of Jack and his no nonsense "Northern" humour. He was our mentor, our mascot, our Guru.

Sadly, Jack died in March 2010 leaving a huge hole in our lives. Gone, but not forgotten Buddy.



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